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Racing - Rich Lenhart


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    The lessons learned in getting Rich's Vette consistent, reliable, and streetable has resulted in many new proprietary products and tuning techniques that are now available from Corvette Connection!
   Rich's 1999 Vette continues to evolve into a true Street/Strip Performance Machine, and has prototyped our New XS/R1 "Blown & Intercooled" package. In prior years, this Corvette has been one of the lab rats for Corvette Connection's Research and Development Team and testing of many, many, high performance racing components and ideas. Although we will continue our testing, the 2005 Race Season will bring all of our proven components together at the same time!
   The LS1 based power plant is being stretched in our engine room to a 383 stroker. It will have a Lunati Crank, ProMod Rods, and Custom Diamond Blower Pistons. The New Air Flow Research 225 Mongoose Strip Heads will be fed by the New 90MM FAST Intake Manifold and a massive 90MM Billet Throttle body. The Camshaft continues to be our secret. The F1-R Procharger is supplying the forced air, but is being driven by our reliable 12 Rib Belt Drive kit. The 12 Rib Belt Drive kit proved itself not only during the 2004 Race Season but on the street as well! The incoming air temps are managed with our custom designed Sperco Air-to-Air intercooler hiding behind the TigerShark front nose. Engine safety is further assisted with a two stage Water injection system. The Drive Shaft has been reinforced with Corvette Connection's New Billet Drive Line Couplers, into a Race Prepared 4000 stall torque converter & 4L60E by US Transmissions The rear gear ratio is being raised to a 2.73:1 ratio.
   Corvette Connection's tested Roller Bearing Rear Suspension Kit, and 17" Light Weight Rear Drag Wheels (only 12 lbs. each) are now also available. When combined with 26x11.50-17LT Mickey Thompson ET Streets and QA1 shocks we have dipped into the 1.5 second 60 foot times! Our New Billet Half Shaft Safety Loops allow our C-5 to run into the 10's and still comply with the NHRA Rule Book.
   None of this comes together without Corvette Connection's custom tuning with LS1 Edit. Thomas Graf's fingers are always on the keyboard merging computer to components. Horsepower and Technology has become a wonderful thing! Look for more exciting products and quality components, as this year shows great promise!
   You may want to keep you eyes on this one for the latest changes. Rich is the president of Corvette Connection and has been a member of the Corvette Connection racing team for years.
  Click here for more photos.   2004 Dyno & Time Slips!   2005 844.8 RWHP DYNO!  

Why do you like to Race?


"I enjoy the challenge of competition!"

Best time:


10.09 @ 135.6 mph! at Bandimere Speedway.
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1999 Corvette Coupe



Rich Lenhart



Corvette Connection's "Extreme Street" 383 cid
3.905 Bore w/Diamond Pistons
6.125" Lunati ProMod rods
Lunati 4.000" stroker crank
AFR 225 Mongoose Strip CNC Heads
1:7 Ratio rocker arms
90MM FAST Intake Manifold-ported
90MM Billet Throttle body
Corvette Connection's XSR1 Supercharger Kit
F1-R Procharger
Corvette Connection's XSR1 12 Rib Drive tentioning System
Corvette Connection's XSR1 Intercooling package
Custom Sperco Intercooler
Corvette Connection's Solid Motor Mounts
75 #/hr. low impedence Fuel Injectors
VersaFueler (Injector Amp.)
Stock 1999 Corvette Computer with Corvette Connection's custom tuning



Corvette Connection custom street/race system



2.73 gears
Race Prepared 4L60E by US Transmissions
4000 stall by US Transmissions
Polyurethane Transmision/Differential Mount
Corvette Connection's Billet Drive Line Couplers
Corvette Connection's Billet Half Shaft Safety Loops



QA1 Drag Shocks
Drilled & Slotted Rotors
Corvette Connection's "Roller Rear Suspension"
Corvette Connection's 17" Drag Wheels in the rear
26x11.50-17LT Mickey Thompson ET Streets



Corvette Connection custom paint
ACI Side flares and front spoiler
TigerShark Front Bumper



Corvette Connection custom seats
Simpson 5 point harness
Corvette Connection's 5 point roll bar with swing out



Corvette Connection