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Diagnostic Procedures and Policies


   Diagnosis of your car is sometimes very simple and uncomplicated. Other times it is amazingly complex and frustrating. Costs can be reasonable in most cases, but in a few can become costly. Training for our technicians, sophisticated (and expensive) diagnostic equipment, computer CD-Rom databases, and sophisticated tools are all required to get the job done right.

   It is important to understand that all diagnostic fees are for the process of finding the problem and DO NOT include labor or parts to repair the problem found.

   We stand ready to meet your needs and look forward to repairing your vehicle. We welcome your questions and will provide a complete explanation for all the technical issues, which might arise.

   All old replaced parts are available for your inspection, and you may take most of them with you at no charge. Some parts must be returned to our suppliers for remanufacturing, but you may have these too, for an additional charge.

   Because we race means that we believe in service and maintenance. A performance car such as the Corvette deserves the best. Trust the professionals at Corvette Connection and Performance, Inc.


There are four levels of diagnostics that may be required on your vehicle.


Level One
Bumper to Bumper
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Level Two
Basic Diagnostic
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Level Three
Computer Analysis
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Level Four
Advanced Diagnosis
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Specials Maintenance